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For painting inquiries or commissions, feel free to reach me through my contact form here.

Cesar Chavez and United Farm Workers

During the pandemic, I have been thinking a lot about essential workers and those still in the fields working to feed America. This series is an ode to them.

Magripplethorpe Series

My love of surreal art  led me to the works of René Magritte while my admiration for queer artists led me to Robert Mapplethorpe. With my continued interest in street art and pop art, I created the following mash-ups.  I was thinking of the Mapplethorpe obscenity trials, pornography vs art, surrealism and race.

Willfull Ignorance

Inspired by a Guy Bourdin surreal photo, I created a stencil design in response to those who refuse to educate themselves on race and equity issues.

Your Portrait As

This series started many years ago as I investigated more ideas around drag and gender. It's an opportunity for the viewer to imagine their face on some of my favorite pop artists, maybe some of yours too.

Some other works...

This is an instagram series, manipulating my face onto some of my favorite people.  With this I explore ideas of gender, representation and drag.

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