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  • CupOJoe
    Feb 13, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
    Visit Hand2Mouth on Facebook
    Hand2Mouth company member Michael Cavazos will be a guest on CupOJoe, a free live chat with artist Joe Kye. Michael joins CupOJoe to talk about self-love, the art of drag, and how his Chicanx and queer identities influence his art.
  • Renaissance: Technically
    Sep 04, 2020, 7:30 PM PDT
    Portland Center Stage at the Armory presents Renaissance:Technically and invites audiences to climb inside the window of technology as we spin our way into digital storytelling. For more information, visit PCS.org.
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sample of previous gigs
The Corrido of the San Patricios
I was excited to work with this team as stage manager. The show was written by Beto O'Byrne and directed by Kinan Valdez at Milagro Theatre. Unfortunately, due to 'rona, this production never made it to opening night.
Sweat by Lynn Nottage
Presented by Profile Theatre, I was delighted to work with director Christopher Acebo as his assistant on this powerful work!
Universo: The Creation Story
Love working with and directing mi hermano, Joaquin Lopez. Together we re-imagined Universo: The Universe Inside as a solo show for Bag & Baggage's SoloFest!
A Xmas Cuento Remix
Written by Maya Malán-González and directed by Alex Meda at Milagro Theatre. I worked as stage manager on this production.
Universo: The Universe Inside
This project was a dream to direct and work on with one of my closest friends, Joaquin Lopez. Together we created an entire universe, celebrating our queer Mexican-American identity.
Red by John Logan
I stage managed Crave Theatre's production of Red by John Logan. The work is a fictional account of artist Mark Rothko and his relationship with his assistant. In this version, both Rothko and his assistant were played by women.
Bad World (workshop)
Bad World is a new musical by Kylie Jenifer Rose, James Liptack and Jennifer Provenza. I began this journey with Crave Theatre as a stage manager. After two workshops and a very collaborative spirit, I was asked to co-direct the upcoming production.
Object Karaoke
Enjoyed stage managing and giving a cameo performance in Hand2Mouth Theatre's Object Karaoke. This show was especially touching as it was the last full production presented in ART's old Alder Theatre space.
I loved stage managing this immersive production by Hand2Mouth Theatre, where guests entered a dream world and went on a quest through the bowels of Alberta Abbey.
Voz Alta: Generaciones
My directorial debut, I was so moved by the real life stories presented in this production, written by Joaquin Lopez and Cynthia Gomez. The show originally premiered at Milagro Theatre and was remounted at PSU.
The Breasts of Tiresias
This opera was such a fun experience at PSU. Directed by Rebecca Herman with music direction by Chuck Dillard. I had a wonderful time as stage manager.
This ghostly show by Reza De Wet was directed by Sarah Andrews and presented by Crave Theatre. I had the honor of stage managing this show at Shaking the Tree.
Hotel Gone
I stage managed this great movement piece by Imago Theatre's Jerry Mouawad.
Medea by Euripides in a version by Ben Power
Using an exciting floating set that teeter-tottered as the cast moved, this production of Medea had an emotional intensity that heightened with every step. Directed by Jerry Mouawad at Imago Theatre. I loved stage managing this one!
La Belle
This original work was a magical tale that took place on a ship and mirrored the story of Beauty and the Beast. With so many moving parts, musical numbers, and puppets, this beast of a show was a stage manager's dream and a crowd pleaser! Written and directed by Jerry Mouawad and Carol Triffle at Imago Theatre.
Hughie by Eugene O'Neill
This was my first stage manager gig in Portland at Imago Theatre. It is memorable to me because of the script, two person cast, and my intro to working at Imago. Directed by Jerry Mouawad.
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Universo: The Universe Inside

This project was a dream to direct and work on with one of my closest friends, Joaquin Lopez. Together we created an entire universe, celebrating our queer Mexican-American identity.